Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) vs Fossil Gen 4 Explorist: Which one I stuck with

I have been wanting a smart watch for the last year or two, but one of the biggest reasons I waited till now to get one is because I could not decide which one I wanted. I had it narrowed down between a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) and a Fossil Gen 4 Explorist. But there was a couple features from each one that made it stick out.

There are major differences between the watches and each one had a few of my requirements in what I wanted from a watch, but neither had them all. So I just had to choose which one was worth the most to me.

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Review: GPTOYS H2O Aviax 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter Drone

GPTOYS H2O Aviax 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter with Waterproof 3D Eversion 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode LCD Remote Controller,Silver

I have had so much fun with this drone! I have tried a few different helicopters and drones from Walmart, and they never seem to fly right – they would always shoot to the left or right and had no adjustments. This drone can be easily adjusted to make up for any problems the drone may have to make it hover properly. After just a day of flying it, I was able to figure it out, fly it where I wanted to, land it where I wanted to, and do different tricks with it. Even my wife was able to pick it up for the first time and fly it around for a few minutes without crashing it! Continue reading “Review: GPTOYS H2O Aviax 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter Drone”

Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with Dual USB Port Remote Control

iClever Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with Dual USB Port Remote Controller

Product review for iClever Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with Dual USB Port Remote Controller

I only have positive things to say about this device. I was needing something that I could listen to training material off of my phone into my older car radio. However, I did not want a bunch of wires everywhere where it takes me two minutes to get everything hooked up. Instead, I simply set it up the first time, and my phone automatically connects to my car radio as soon as I get near it. All I have to do then is press play on my phone.

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DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Review

I have been using DigitalOcean for nearly 6 months now to host my websites and online services. They are a premium Virtual Private Hosting provider that offers many types of configurations in many geographic regions. In 55 seconds, you can have a VPS created and up and running with you ready to login and start hosting. DigitalOcean has many features to offer and they are always expanding on their features:

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Esky 10-12Inch Tablet PC Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand Case Cover

I got a chance to try out yet another great product! This one is the Esky 10-12Inch Tablet PC Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand Case Cover. This case has a very high quality build, and the keyboard seems to have a great functionality too.

I am very excited about this! I do not have the tablet that it is made for, but I do have other android and Windows devices that it works with. I have paired and tested it with a few different devices and tried out the keyboard, and messed around with the stand. Here is what I think of it:

  • Pairing: Pairing the keyboard is easy -simply press the pair button on it, then click pair on the device in the Bluetooth menu
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is a super quite keyboard that seems to respond to every key. The hard part is getting use to where the keys are (a problem with any new keyboard). The keyboard can be removed from the case and you can move it around to your liking. When I am done using the tablet, I can pair it with my TV Computer and use it for that too.
  • Touchpad: The touchpad works pretty well. Clicking is easy, and you can even tap on the mousepad and that will emulate a click like a normal touchpad. The only thing I noticed is that the moving from one side of the screen to the other seems to be a little slow, but that may be because of my DPI settings on my device and the fact I usually turn the speed up on my computer.
  • Case: The case is very high quality – in fact, I really was surprised at how high the quality was. The grips that hold in the tablet are non-intrusive on the screen, and does a very good job to hold it down. They are very easy to get on, and easy to get off. It features a small kickstand that firmly hold up the tablet at a perfect angle.

I am very excited about this buy, because of its many uses past its advertised use. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that asks about it – even if you just want a keyboard/touchpad without the case – it’s a great buy!


OxyLED 4-led touch light (T-01S)

After trying out the OxyLED 4-led touch light (T-01S), I realized how high quality the build of the product seemed and how it light up the area with a natural soft white light. Here is my thoughts on it:

This LED light is great! After receiving it, I put it in under my cabinet to light up my kitchen sink (comes with 2 VERY sticky 3M pads already on the unit) since we do not have enough light in that room. It put out ample light, and it could be directed right where I want to see.

  • Turing it on: It is very simple to turn on (just barley touch one of the sensors) and it works while your hands are wet too. I have found that some sensors like this won’t detect if your hands are the least bit wet – this is not an issue with this device.
  • Changing the batteries: While stuck to something is very easy, you just slide it sideways, and the back will separate from the device, change the batteries and slide it back on.
  • Negatives: The only downfall I have found for the device so far is the fact that there is no easy way to tell which side the back is supposed to go on without trial and error if you are not sticking it to something permanent. But since most people will be sticking it to something permanent, this will not be an issue anyway.
  • Light output: Seems to do a very good job lighting up the target. With the four soft-white LEDs and the soft white cover, it evenly spreads the light ensuring that the ENTIRE “target” is light up with a normal color, bright light. The light is also directional, and since it has to be mounted flat against a surface, you can turn the direction the lights are angled, lighting up the exact spot you are aiming for.

Overall, this seems like a really good buy, and for the price it is listed at, I would highly recommend it over other LED tap lights like this I have used in the past. I am overall very excited about getting to use this, and considering buying more in the future for other dark places in the house.

If you are looking to buy this product, here is the link to the Amazon page!


OxyLED Touch Light OxyLED Touch Light OxyLED Touch Light


iClever iWatch Bamboo Charging Stand All Apple Watches and Phones

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

I have noticed that when my phone goes dead and I am trying to charge it, I find myself having to pickup the phone and turn the screen on to see it. Then I have to turn it back off, and that’s not to mention if I didn’t accidentally unplug it when looking at it.

I was poking around the Internet one day, and happen to stumble upon this charging station. I do not have a Apple watch, but for around $12, it didn’t matter – and besides, I plan on buying a watch one day anyway. When I read all the good reviews of it, I ordered it.

When I got the box, I noticed how well packaged the product is for one. It comes in a small box just big enough, wrapped in a small plastic bag, with a little card in it stating how they will accept returns with it if you are not happy. When I removed it from the bag, I could actually smell the bamboo wood. Right on the front of it was the logo “iClever” which at first I was a little uneasy about, then I remembered I like having nerdy looking things on my desk, and sporting that logo seemed – well nerdy and techy.

My small iPhone 4S sit on there perfect, and I thought I would try out my Samsung Galaxy S5 on it but figured it would be too big, and I could not believe it, but it fits great too.

All in all, I am very proud of this nice Bamboo Wood phone stand sitting right next to my computer monitor that I can easily look at while charging. Who knows – one day I may even buy a watch to put on it!

If you are looking into buying one (which I am sure you are if you are reading this article!) then you can find it on Amazon for about 12 bucks (and its prime too!). Here is the link! Not to mention they also has versions that can hold ink pens and other desk supplies! Flip through the images below to see what it looks like.

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand
iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand
iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand
iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand
iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand

iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand
iClever Apple Watch/Phone Stand


Convert your old RCA Wii to HDMI


We bought a new 50-inch TV for black Friday last year, was all excited un-boxing it and plugging it up. We plugged it up and turned it on and the bright TV light up the room. We decided to quickly start plugging up devices.. I went to plug in the Wii Video and Audio cables and I quickly discovered it did not come with the usual RCA Yellow/Red/White Audio/Video plugins.

Now a days with most new HD TVs, they are not including these plugs so you can either spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade the device or purchase these converts to up-convert the device for just a few dollars. With the Wii, you have two options. With something like a DVD player, you have one option that I know of.

There are two types of convertrs for the Wii that I have found that lets you up-convert the connections to HDMI. The first device, Dreamall Wii to HDMI 480p Converter Adapter, plugs directly into the Wii – there are not power cords, or extra cables running. There is an option for a 3.5mm audio jack if your TV requires that and the price is currently only at about $12! I have been using it for about a year now and no issues so far!

The second type of adapter converts anything that has a RCA type connector to HDMI. I bought one for my neighbor because she also wanted DVD/VCR players to work with it. The main disadvantage is that the RCA to HDMI Video Converter Adapter requires it to be powered and requires RCA cables (which is needed if you are using this with a DVD player). She has been using it for about a year now and she has never complained that it quit working.

Just remember that neither one comes with an HDMI Cable!