Windows 10 Now second largest Operating System

Windows 10

Out of all the Operating Systems that are currently available, Windows 10 is now

OS Net Market Share
OS Net Market Share

the second most popular OS installed, at 11.85% of the Internet using it according to Net Market Share. The number one is still Windows 7 at 52.47%. It appears that many businesses are slow to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the familiarity of Windows 7.

This goes to show you that offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade was in fact a good marketing technique.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 versions to be released

Windows 10

As we are all eagerly waiting by our computers pressing the F5 key on Microsoft’s blog waiting for a new build of Windows 10, Microsoft has made some announcements regarding how Windows 10 will be released.  Windows 10 will have 7 versions – Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Mobile, Mobile Enterprise, and IoT Core.

Windows 10 Home – Designed for the user at home. Has most of the features that an end user would want such as Cortana, Microsoft’s new Edge browser, Windows Hello, and Continuum.

Windows 10 Pro – Windows update for business, ability to add to domain, and other small business needs.

Windows 10 Enterprise – Will have the most robust amount of features that are designed for large businesses such as Windows to Go, VLK, etc.

Windows 10 Education – Target for schools and universities via VLK. Microsoft also stated that students using Windows 10 Home and Pro will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Education via their school.

Windows 10 Mobile – This is, as the name implies, for mobile phones and other small devices. It will ship with touch friendly Office, support Universal Apps, and Continuum.

Windows 10 IoT – This is for things like Raspberry PI’s, Arduino’s, robots, etc.

There are going to be many different versions that Microsoft will be releasing. But for us home users. there will only be a couple versions that we have to worry about.There are still many unknowns and questions that we are waiting on answers for such as costs!

Project Spartan released

Like many features promised in the new Windows 10, Project Spartan has finally debuted in the newest build of Windows 10 – build 10049.  In using Project Spartan in writing this very post, I so far have found it very useful. I have used strictly Chrome for the last few years, and I do find that Project Spartan is missing a few important features that I will be waiting on before making the switch official.

Some of the features available is reading lists (which I will no doubt use heavily), Cortana integration (which I have yet to find), and a completely new interface.

I personally have found a few quirk and things that I miss from Chrome.. I have used an ad blocker for the past couple years called Adblock for Chrome. I haven’t had any annoying popups and garbage all over my screen. Now that I no longer have that add-on, I am seeing ads every where!  A feature that I also miss since I utilize dual (actually triple) screens, is that I cannot drag tabs around anymore. You can right click on the tab and click “Open in new Window”, but that actually closes the tab and opens the URL in a new window (Like pressing F5).

But as with any Technical Preview product, all we can do is give our feedback and hope the Redmond giant listens.

I’m sure I will find more bugs, let me know if you find any!