Project Spartan released

Like many features promised in the new Windows 10, Project Spartan has finally debuted in the newest build of Windows 10 – build 10049.  In using Project Spartan in writing this very post, I so far have found it very useful. I have used strictly Chrome for the last few years, and I do find that Project Spartan is missing a few important features that I will be waiting on before making the switch official.

Some of the features available is reading lists (which I will no doubt use heavily), Cortana integration (which I have yet to find), and a completely new interface.

I personally have found a few quirk and things that I miss from Chrome.. I have used an ad blocker for the past couple years called Adblock for Chrome. I haven’t had any annoying popups and garbage all over my screen. Now that I no longer have that add-on, I am seeing ads every where!  A feature that I also miss since I utilize dual (actually triple) screens, is that I cannot drag tabs around anymore. You can right click on the tab and click “Open in new Window”, but that actually closes the tab and opens the URL in a new window (Like pressing F5).

But as with any Technical Preview product, all we can do is give our feedback and hope the Redmond giant listens.

I’m sure I will find more bugs, let me know if you find any!