Create drafts of live posts

WordPress is amazing in what all it can do, and what all people has morphed it to be able to do with all the various plugins, themes, and settings that you are able to change. People has built entire businesses just around their website  – something I wish I could do one day!  Me and my wife has decided to start working together on her blog more – we have devised a system where she creates the post, I go in and make some changes such as adding links, revising it, proofreading, and adding SEO.

As powerful as WordPress is, I soon found out there is no method built in to allow her to post the blog post live to the website then me go back and suggest revisions and let her review or deny my revisions before they go live. After all, this is her blog and I don’t want to make any changes with her approving them. So I started doing some research, and I finally found my answer… Continue reading “Create drafts of live posts”