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When setting up my blog, I was deciding on how to setup links in the attachment settings. I really don’t like pointing directly to the jpg file (which is the default) for a couple reasons. One, I cannot get an accurate reading of the analytics. Two, it does not get the pretty header and footer and links of my site. So I found the option to link to “Attachment Page”. I got to digging around, and there was no option to set the default link to! I found this:

There is a secret settings page in wordpress that allows you to change many settings that are not found in the regular wordpress setup. Point your browser to this address (of course replacing with yours):

Once you are there, look for the option “image_default_link_type”. There are three possible values for this field (notice they are all lower case).

  • blank – leaving the field blank will default to the “none” setting
  • file – this links directly to the file. I do not like this because you are not able to perform any analytics or visual styling of the view.
  • post – I use this one. This shows a page with the usual header and footer with the image only in the center.

As you can guess, some of these options mis-configured can cause your site to crash, so be sure to use caution when editing these settings!

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