Convert your old RCA Wii to HDMI

We bought a new 50-inch TV for black Friday last year, was all excited un-boxing it and plugging it up. We plugged it up and turned it on and the bright TV light up the room. We decided to quickly start plugging up devices.. I went to plug in the Wii Video and Audio cables and I quickly discovered it did not come with the usual RCA Yellow/Red/White Audio/Video plugins.

Now a days with most new HD TVs, they are not including these plugs so you can either spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade the device or purchase these converts to up-convert the device for just a few dollars. With the Wii, you have two options. With something like a DVD player, you have one option that I know of.

There are two types of convertrs for the Wii that I have found that lets you up-convert the connections to HDMI. The first device, Dreamall Wii to HDMI 480p Converter Adapter, plugs directly into the Wii – there are not power cords, or extra cables running. There is an option for a 3.5mm audio jack if your TV requires that and the price is currently only at about $12! I have been using it for about a year now and no issues so far!

The second type of adapter converts anything that has a RCA type connector to HDMI. I bought one for my neighbor because she also wanted DVD/VCR players to work with it. The main disadvantage is that the RCA to HDMI Video Converter Adapter requires it to be powered and requires RCA cables (which is needed if you are using this with a DVD player). She has been using it for about a year now and she has never complained that it quit working.

Just remember that neither one comes with an HDMI Cable!

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