Google’s April Fools Day Pranks 2015

Every year Google pretends to put out various products that sometimes sounds legit yet unbelievable. If it sounds too good to be true, and its announced April 1st, its probably not true. Below is all of the Google April Fools day pranks!

Google in reverse

The first one, is elooG. With elooG, you visit the page by going to You will see all of Google in reverse – images, logos, text, even the text you type will be in reverse!

Google Actual Cloud

With all the different types of cloud hosting, available these days there is one type that was never created until today. Google Actual Cloud Platform. According to Google, they use actual clouds in the sky for this type of hosting. See the video below and visit

Google Fiber dial-up mode

If 100mbs of a network connection is too fast for you, then consider using dial-up mode to enjoy the slow life for a while.

  Google Panda

Google Smartbox

If you thought you could not get your world connected any more, then look at Google’s latest product – Google Smartbox. With Google Smartbox, even you snailmail will be connected!

Google keyless keyboard

If your hands are tied up, Google Japan has got you covered with the Keyless Keyboard. See the below video:


From what I can tell, that rounds up all of the Google April fool pranks of 2015. Let me know if there are more that I am not aware of!

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