How to Post To Instagram Using a Computer

Having trouble following this blog post? Check out this video I made that walks you through the process!

📸 Instagram has limited you to using your mobile device to post and create stories. I have yet to figure out why limiting your access to a website by device is a good idea.

What little bit I use 📸 Instagram, I have found many times I have to make many steps just to upload a picture. If I take a picture or video with a high quality camera, I have to plug in my SD card, upload to OneDrive, download on my phone, then post it to Instagram. But using Google Chrome and a very easy little trick, you can use your computer to post to Instagram as well as stories.

Navigate to Instagram using your Google Chrome browser and log in if you need to. Once you are logged in, Press the F12 button on your keyboard (some laptops require you to press a Fn key along with the F12 key). You will see an new window pop up on the same screen, this is called the developer’s console.

Chrome developer’s console

Click the button labeled “Toggle Device Toolbar” (highlighted in picture above). After you have done that, Chrome will make Instagram think you are using a mobile device, however, you still will not have the ability to post yet. You must refresh the page by pressing F5 on the keyboard or by pressing the Refresh button.

After doing those simple steps, you should have the post button at the bottom of the screen as well as the ability to share stories directly from your computer!

Let me know what if you got it working and what you plan on using it for!

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