iClever Bluetooth Keyboard Case (IC-BCK06)

I got a chance to try out yet another great product! This one is the iClever Bluetooth keyboard Case (IC-BCK06) for Samsung 10.1 inch tablet. This case has a very high quality build, and the keyboard seems to have a great functionality too.

I am very excited about this! I do not have the tablet that it is made for, but I do have other android and Windows devices that it works with. I have paired and tested it with a few different devices and tried out the keyboard, and messed around with the stand. Here is what I think of it:

  • Pairing: Pairing the keyboard is easy -simply press the pair button on it, then click pair on the device in the Bluetooth menu
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is a super quite keyboard that seems to respond to every key. The hard part is getting use to where the keys are (a problem with any new keyboard). The keyboard can be removed from the case and you can move it around to your liking. When I am done using the tablet, I can pair it with my TV Computer and use it for that too.
  • Touchpad: The touchpad works pretty well. Clicking is easy, and you can even tap on the mousepad and that will emulate a click like a normal touchpad. The only thing I noticed is that the moving from one side of the screen to the other seems to be a little slow, but that may be because of my DPI settings on my device and the fact I usually turn the speed up on my computer.
  • Case: The case is very high quality – in fact, I really was surprised at how high the quality was. The grips that hold in the tablet are non-intrusive on the screen, and does a very good job to hold it down. They are very easy to get on, and easy to get off. It features a small kickstand that firmly hold up the tablet at a perfect angle.

I am very excited about this buy, because of its many uses past its advertised use. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that asks about it – even if you just want a keyboard/touchpad without the case – it’s a great buy!

If you are looking to buy this product, here is the link on Amazon to purchase it!


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