OxyLED 4-led touch light (T-01S)

After trying out the OxyLED 4-led touch light (T-01S), I realized how high quality the build of the product seemed and how it light up the area with a natural soft white light. Here is my thoughts on it:

This LED light is great! After receiving it, I put it in under my cabinet to light up my kitchen sink (comes with 2 VERY sticky 3M pads already on the unit) since we do not have enough light in that room. It put out ample light, and it could be directed right where I want to see.

  • Turing it on: It is very simple to turn on (just barley touch one of the sensors) and it works while your hands are wet too. I have found that some sensors like this won’t detect if your hands are the least bit wet – this is not an issue with this device.
  • Changing the batteries: While stuck to something is very easy, you just slide it sideways, and the back will separate from the device, change the batteries and slide it back on.
  • Negatives: The only downfall I have found for the device so far is the fact that there is no easy way to tell which side the back is supposed to go on without trial and error if you are not sticking it to something permanent. But since most people will be sticking it to something permanent, this will not be an issue anyway.
  • Light output: Seems to do a very good job lighting up the target. With the four soft-white LEDs and the soft white cover, it evenly spreads the light ensuring that the ENTIRE “target” is light up with a normal color, bright light. The light is also directional, and since it has to be mounted flat against a surface, you can turn the direction the lights are angled, lighting up the exact spot you are aiming for.

Overall, this seems like a really good buy, and for the price it is listed at, I would highly recommend it over other LED tap lights like this I have used in the past. I am overall very excited about getting to use this, and considering buying more in the future for other dark places in the house.

If you are looking to buy this product, here is the link to the Amazon page!


OxyLED Touch Light OxyLED Touch Light OxyLED Touch Light


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