Automatically backup pictures on Android With OneDrive

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The past few days I have been getting calls regarding people’s phones not working right. The number one worry – I need my pictures. The way a phone’s internal storage works, if the phone will not come on, there is not much of a way to recover your pictures if they are not on an SD Card. Which leaves the question of how do I keep from loosing my pictures if my phone quits working? The answer – cloud storage. Continue reading “Automatically backup pictures on Android With OneDrive”

Disable UAC Prompts

Back when Windows Vista came out, Microsoft introduced User Account Control (or UAC). UAC is Microsoft’s response to Ubuntu’s sudo command, which must be run to run a command as admin. It has since then had many iterations and updates, and despite all the security positives of having it turned on, some people choose to turn it off. If you are wondering how to turn it off, then follow the steps below. These steps will work for Window Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Continue reading “Disable UAC Prompts”

Disable The Clutter Folder

Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to start moving some of your mail to a separate folder. Do you know how the announced it? They put an email in the clutter folder saying “Welcome To Clutter”. They put it in a folder that you never seen before? Yeah, who is going to see that? Here is how you disable it!

Continue reading “Disable The Clutter Folder”

Create drafts of live posts

WordPress is amazing in what all it can do, and what all people has morphed it to be able to do with all the various plugins, themes, and settings that you are able to change. People has built entire businesses just around their website  – something I wish I could do one day!  Me and my wife has decided to start working together on her blog more – we have devised a system where she creates the post, I go in and make some changes such as adding links, revising it, proofreading, and adding SEO.

As powerful as WordPress is, I soon found out there is no method built in to allow her to post the blog post live to the website then me go back and suggest revisions and let her review or deny my revisions before they go live. After all, this is her blog and I don’t want to make any changes with her approving them. So I started doing some research, and I finally found my answer… Continue reading “Create drafts of live posts”

Turn Windows Firewall Off or On By Command Line Or Script

I have run into a few times when I needed to turn off or on the Windows Firewall via command line or script. It is actually very simple to do!

To Turn Off:
NetSh Advfirewall set allprofiles state off

To Turn On:
NetSh Advfirewall set allrprofiles state on

To check the status of Windows Firewall:
Netsh Advfirewall show allprofiles

You can replace “allprofiles” with public, domain, or private and you can manipulate just that one profile. I used this in creating a script to test the firewall settings of a remote server. That way if I messed up the config, it would turn itself back off after a minute and I was able to reconnect to it. You can view that script on my other post Testing Windows Firewall Settings Safely From Remote Machine.

Testing Windows Firewall Settings Safely From Remote Machine

A while back I got me a new crisp Windows Server. By default, the Firewall was turned off and of course I wanted to turn it on for security reasons. But what happens if I lose my connection to a server a few hundred miles away? How would I disable the firewall if I can’t connect to it anymore? I decided to write a script!

The function of the script is to enable the firewall for the public internet, wait 2 minutes, then disable it again. Here is my script:

@echo off
Netsh Advfirewall set public state on
timeout 120
Netsh Advfirewall set public state off

Save those lines as a batch file, then run it as Administrator. Keep in mind to use this at your own risk! It saved me, but never know about you! An explanation of the commands can be found on my other post Turn Windows Firewall Off or On By Command Line Or Script.

DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Review

I have been using DigitalOcean for nearly 6 months now to host my websites and online services. They are a premium Virtual Private Hosting provider that offers many types of configurations in many geographic regions. In 55 seconds, you can have a VPS created and up and running with you ready to login and start hosting. DigitalOcean has many features to offer and they are always expanding on their features:

Continue reading “DigitalOcean VPS Hosting Review”

Microsoft kills Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Despite so much of the internet still using Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, Microsoft decides to pull the plug on the old outdated versions to help push people to use IE 11 and Microsoft Edge. They where ridden with many security holes, bugs, and not supported by many updated sites. However, there are some sites, such as government and company sites, that relied on the older versions to work – even if you enable compatibility view.

It has been a long time coming that Microsoft has wanted to pull the plug due to so many problems found with the older versions. But will the 17.3% [1] that is still running on those three version upgrade since they have been warned for so long about the security holes?

Interesting Fact: .65% [1] of the internet is still using Internet Explorer 6.0, despite its last update being released in April 2008 and it only running in Windows XP!


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Windows 10 Now second largest Operating System

Windows 10

Out of all the Operating Systems that are currently available, Windows 10 is now

OS Net Market Share
OS Net Market Share

the second most popular OS installed, at 11.85% of the Internet using it according to Net Market Share. The number one is still Windows 7 at 52.47%. It appears that many businesses are slow to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the familiarity of Windows 7.

This goes to show you that offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade was in fact a good marketing technique.

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