Review: GPTOYS H2O Aviax 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter Drone

I have had so much fun with this drone! I have tried a few different helicopters and drones from Walmart, and they never seem to fly right – they would always shoot to the left or right and had no adjustments. This drone can be easily adjusted to make up for any problems the drone may have to make it hover properly. After just a day of flying it, I was able to figure it out, fly it where I wanted to, land it where I wanted to, and do different tricks with it. Even my wife was able to pick it up for the first time and fly it around for a few minutes without crashing it!

I have hit many trees, hit the ground many times, ran into power lines, fence posts, antenna poles, and still never had to change the blades. However, once I hit the ground really hard and one of the motors went bad. Ordered the motor from Amazon and was replaced in just a few minutes and was back to flying in no time!

To buy:

As usual, below is my list of Pros, cons, and Wise word of experience:


  • Easy to fly
  • Quick to learn
  • Able to calibrate easily
  • Seems very tough and durable
  • Waterproof – there is no need to worry about it getting wet. I actually flew it in the rain once 🙂
  • Comes with two batteries!
  • Charger is standard USB so it works with any USB charger. I have tried it in my computer, car charger and phone charger with no issues
  • In two buttons, you are able to do 360 flips (explained below)
  • Comes with a whole extra set of propellers!


  • If you turn the drone off, you have to also turn the remote off to reconnect it (although not a major issue, but slightly aggravating)
  • There is no power switch on the drone, you must unplug and re-plug the battery
  • I had plenty laying around, but it does not come with a USB plug (however, it does come with the charger wire, just not the plug). I just used my high-speed 4-port charger I have.
  • You must re-calibrate it every time you turn it on. However, this can also be a pro because if you mess it up so bad, you can just turn it off and back on to reset it!

Wise words of Experience

  • To do a 360 flip, push the button on the top left and use one of the move channels. It will then do a cool flip (I have impressed a few people even when I did not know how to fly it)
  • Be sure to remember what you have it calibrated to and do it every time you turn the remote back on
  • Watch the training videos on their website. They have quite a few and it taught me a lot!
  • If you need spare parts (which you probably won’t for a while because of the great quality), I created a list of spare parts and where to order them on my website to make it easier to find them!
  • After I started figuring out how to fly the drone, the guards started breaking and causing issues with the propellers. I simply took these off and left them off, although they did a super god job, they were kind of flimsy after quite a few crashes.
  • The model I got did not come with a camera, but you can buy it separately.



I give this drone an A+ for its price! I really enjoyed the quality of the product and fun it brought. It has been the highlight of many Sunday dinners! Some of the features on this unit is only found in professional drones, yet this one is priced cheaper than some found at Walmart! I recommend this to anyone!

Spare parts

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